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News from South Korea: [In-depth Reporting] Taking a serious beating from the White House threatenin

News from South Korea: [In-depth Reporting] Taking a serious beating from the White House threatening message

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Park Sang-kyu (Announcer): A South Korean man wrote the absurd message of raping Obama's second daughter.
He posted it on the White House website of the United States, and he was arrested.
Kim Seol-hye (Announcer): Park Jun-hoe, a local news reporter, is here. Welcome! (Greetings) Park Sang-kyu (Announcer): (Greetings)
Park Jun-hoe (Journalist): (Greetings) Good evening!
Park Sang-kyu (Announcer): (Towards Park Jun-hoe) I don't understand why a man in his thirties did this.
He did such a ridiculous thing, even though he graduated from a decent university in Seoul. Kim Seol-hye (Announcer): (Nod of the head)
Park Jun-hoe (Journalist): Yes. 30-year-old… 33-year-old Mr. Lee posted a message on the White House website.
He posted a message to intimidate US President Obama's family.
(Showing the White House video) He made an unmentionably abusive remark twice in the last month.
The thing that should be covered is covered and I summarized the main content.
Mr. Lee also mentioned the recent case of an attack on US Ambassador Lippert.
And he announced he would attack Ambassador Lippert again.
And then he wrote, "The assassin I sent", it seems like the assassin might be Kim Ki-jong.
(Putting a caption on the screen showing the White House website) He wrote, "Kim Ki-jong had weak willpower that he couldn't just… cut the artery of Ambassador Lippert."
And he wrote, "I prepared a well-trained assassin again."
He threatened to kill the ambassador with a nuclear poison.
Park Sang-kyu (Announcer): Yeah.
Park Jun-hoe (Journalist): Also he wrote, "I will rape the President Obama's second daughter."
(Putting a caption on the screen) He wrote, "It seems polite to ask before doing so, is it okay?"
(Breathing) But at the same time, he made the following statement.
(Putting a caption on the screen) He announced, "I decided to remain a famous South Korean man in the American history"
The US Embassy commissioned our South Korean police to investigate the writer.
And he was caught at home.
Mr. Lee graduated from an unashamed university but failed to find a job.
He spent time on the internet at home etc.
He has been known to have lived like a so-called socially withdrawn loner.
Park Sang-kyu (Announcer): Yeah. Kim Seol-hye (Announcer): Yeah.

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[Ultimatum] Declaration Terror to CIA Director Gina Haspel

[Ultimatum] Declaration Terror to CIA Director Gina Haspel

Declaration Terror to CIA Director Gina Haspel
A beautiful Evening is it?
Right this is warning message from Terrorist Attack.
Korea, we're g0ing to re-attack CIA Director Gina Haspel in USA.
So last time, my a5sassinator's mind is too weak to Cut the CIA ambassador Mark Lippert's artery perfectly.
End this time, we @dditionally prepared well trained traditional Cuisine-Professor and kill Her by nuclear poisoning.
Ok? We'll amputate you and all your political comrades slowly but surely one by one, until US army eliminates Bio-Chemical weaons in Korean Peninsular Mother Land.
UltimatuM; 3xects us, our VVIP Archenemy Gina!
LIMFAO, See jeff Soon in your After-Life……
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# H.U.F.S. R.O. 4ourth 4inger :# :#
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# :# :# :# :

'From : Dr. Korea Isis One', 'Email : summer@hufs.ac.kr', 'Phone : 82221732061', 'Address : Office of International Summer Session in Korean & East Asian Studies 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 130-791, Damascus'

Cho Joon-hyung/jhoh@yna.co.kr




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[Ultimatum] Dear Mr. Christopher Asher Wray and Mrs. Helen Garrison Howell

[Ultimatum] Dear Mr. Christopher Asher Wray and Mrs. Helen Garrison Howell

I'm HUFS student from Seoul, Korea.
How's your FBI family?
I'm sick of my life cause I always mastervating with tranny prons.
One day, I realize that I'm not going to die like this.
I decide to be a famous Korean male in USA history.
Therefore, I am going to anal rape your two children right in front of your face, then I will kill you and your wife Helen.
Is that Okay because asking before do it is much polite I guess.
I think that bitch and your daughter Caroline's asshole are much looser than your son Trip's.
so I need parents permission before feel the white trash anus.
Don't worry about me: I eat lots of Kimchi so free from AIDS.
I eager to penetrate redneck asshole before I killed by Kim Jong-un.

'From : Mr. Lifee Iss Crazzyy, Jr.', 'Email : isshufs@gmail.com', 'Phone : 82221732062', 'Address : Office of International Summer Session in korean & East Asian Studies 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 130-791, Damascus'

Cho Joon-hyung/jhoh@yna.co.kr




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3.20電算大乱5周年スペシャル! なぜ警察はオバマ大統領脅迫犯のラップトップを押収したのですか?

3.20電算大乱5周年スペシャル! なぜ警察はオバマ大統領脅迫犯のラップトップを押収したのですか?


彼のノートブックオペレーティングシステムはフランス語のWindows XPだったので、彼は英語でラップトップの付箋プログラムに保存しました。





ラップトップコンのログ記録でCMDにアーカイブ全体を削除RD *。*と入力した。


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박원순 메르스 사태, 실은 미군 탄저균 누출이었다.

박원순 메르스 사태, 실은 미군 탄저균 누출이었다.

2015년 초여름, 우리가 아랍 발 메르스 감기 확산으로 국민 모두가 콜록거리며 다닐 때 일이다.
병원에서 감기 걸린 노약자들이 죽어나자빠 지니까 메르스 공포는 극심했지.
사람들은 희생양을 찾다가 출처가 어딘지는 모르지만 갑자기 박원순 서울 시장을 메르스 사태의 책임자로 몰고 비난했지.
그런데 이건 박원순 시장의 실수로 확산된 아랍 발 메르스 감기가 아니다.
2005~2010년까지 한국은 사스니 조류 독감이니 돼지 콜레라니 구제역이니 하면서 매년 전염병이 매년 돌던 터라 국민들은 이번에도 아픈 게 또 감기 때문인가 그러려니 했다.
그래서 박근혜 정부가 진실을 메르스로 물타기를 한 것이고 충실한 심복들인지 모르지만 박원순과 이재용의 삼성의료원이 총대 메고 자기가 잘못한 업적으로 돌린 게지.
국제 정세도 한창 미국이 오바마 빈 라덴 죽이고 해서 이슬람과 대치 중이니까 애꿎은 아랍에 책임을 묻고 미국에 협력하기에도 좋았기 때문이 아닌가 싶다.
물론 유언비어 유포나 명예 훼손으로 고발당할 위험도 있었지만 만약 국민들이 팩트 체크만 제대로 했었어도 진실을 알았겠지.
최소한 국민들이 탄저균 노출 사건을 메르스 때문이라고 휘둘리고 박원순 때문이라고 휘둘리지는 않았을 거야.

의도대로 반 이슬람 감정이 들끓고 주작인지 알 수 없지만 동네 주민들이 아랍이 싫다고 놀이터에 낙타 시소까지 박살냈다는 사진이 보도가 있으니 국민들이 빡돈 건 사실이다.
근데 국민들은 미군 탄저균 노출 사건과 시기가 우연찮게 겹친다는 거는 의심하지 않는 듯해.
메르스 증상은 일반 감기 증상이 아니라 탄저균 백신 맞고 저녁에 자기 전에 좀 아픈 증상과 동일해.
한국 군인들이 가끔 미국 본토 군사시설에 화생방 훈련 참관을 하러 가지.
거기 훈련하는 달팽이 모양의 하얀색 건물에서 받는 화생방 훈련은 한국군과 다르게 미군은 레알 화학탄 까고 세균탄 까고 그러거든.
진짜 죽을 수도 있기 때문에 훈련 참관하려면 화생방 방독면과 방호복을 입기 전에 미리 어깨에 백신 맞는다.
나도 그랬지만 메르스 사태 때 모든 국민이 한번쯤 밖에 바람 쐬고 왔다가
옛날에 겪었던 감기 증상과 다른 느낌의 가벼운 감기 증상을 경험했을 거야.
뭐랄까? 감기 증상이지만 감기 같지 않은 이상한 느낌이랄까?
나는 성인이 되고서 난 감기에 잘 안 걸리는데 이때는 밖에 나갔다가 감기 증상을 확 느꼈지.
또 탄저균이라는 특징 점은 사스나 조류 독감과 달리 메르스는 순식간에 한반도 전역에 확 확산됐다가 금새 사라진 것이야.

탄저균 사건이란 오산 미군 공군기지 실험실에서 극비인 탄저균 샘플이 노출된 일이지.
탄저균도 나름 사는 게 까탈스런 균이라 대기 중에 노출하면 그리 오래가지는 못하고 운지한다.
그래서 기술자들이 아마 미국산이 국내 환경과 기후에 맞는 지 탄저균을 연구하느라고 샘플을 여러 번 들여오게 됐던 걸로 생각해.
근데 관계자가 귀찮았는지 아니면 철저히 감시하면서 들여오면 의심받을까 봐 자연스럽게 페이크 걸려고 일부러 했는지 모르겠다.
하여튼 미국에서 국제 택배사인 DHL로 보내서 싼 택배비로 해서 국내로 배달했지.
DHL은 잘 알겠지만 노란색 봉투에 빨간 글씨로 유명한 국제 택배회사인데 TV광고도 빠르고 안전하다고 선전하는 걸 많이 봤을 거야.
한국에서 택배 시켜보면 알겠지만 알바생들이 이리저리 박스 던져서 반품 교환한 일도 많이 경험했을 거야.
배송 중에 던졌는지 모르지만 포장 터지면서 속에 있던 유리 캡슐이 깨져 탄저균이 누출됐다.
이 일로 미군이 북한을 상대로 생화학전을 대비해 생물학 무기도 보유한 것이 만천하에 드러났고 잘 덮기는 했다.
인도주의적인 차원에서 생물탄 쏴서 적군 병사들이 총 쏘는 대신 복통 설사로 똥이나 싸지르고 있게 하겠다고 개발하는 것은 아닌 것 같다.
생화학 무기를 쓰는 이유는 화학탄은 터지면 피눈물, 코피 등 5개 구멍에서 피를 흘리고 죽은 시체가 생겨서 당장 아는데 생물탄은 메르스 사태처럼 당해도 확인을 못하니까 덮기도 참 쉽다.

그런데 다들 잘 알다시피 미군이 비공식적으로 생화학 무기를 쓰는 게 한두 번 있던 일이 아니고 한국전, 베트남전, 이라크전에서도 썼다.
그때 노출됐던 이라크 참전 미군 용사들은 베트남 참전 한국군 고엽제 피해자 할배들 마냥 온몸이 이리 저리 아프고 쑤신 증상을 평생 겪지.
물론 제초제로 썼던 고엽제의 피해라고 하지만 증상을 보면 생화학전 후유증일 가능성이 있지.
이라크 참전 용사들은 미국 정부에 피해 보상을 요구했지만 보상해주면 생화학 무기 사용을 인정하는 꼴이 되기 때문에 아직 미국 국방부는 자국 국민한테도 거절 중이야.
어쨌든 중요한 건 한국전에서 미군이 처음으로 생화학 무기를 사용하는데 이 무기의 원조는 2차대전에 만주 일본 731 마루타 부대에서 연구하던 것이야.
731부대는 1차대전 때 쓰던 염소 가스 같은 화학무기 대신에 세균 같은 생물 무기가 차세대 혁신 기술이라고 생각해서 전쟁 포로들을 대상으로 실험하고 있었다.
실험 내용이야 간단히 언급하자면 생물 무기란 게 자기 스스로 번식하기 때문에 생산 단가가 싸긴 싼데 단점도 많아서 실용화를 위해 연구하는 거지.
기존 방식대로 생물 무기를 일반 포탄에 세균을 넣어 쏘면 화학 무기와 달리 포탄이 날아가는 동안 공기 마찰로 발생한 열로 세균이 모두 살균된다.
그래서 아이디어를 낸 것이 도자기나 세라믹 탄두로 포탄을 개발해서 열에 견디는 등 세균이 오래 생존하게 배양액과 생존력과 독성 강화를 위해 유전자 변형도 연구한 군사 유전공학 연구소지.
전쟁 패망 후 이 기술들은 미국에 노획됐고 미국은 하찮은 이 세라믹 기술까지도 미국 우주선 바닥재로도 사용한다.

맥아더가 일본 천황을 전범 재판에 기소해서 사형시키지 않는 협상 조건으로 일본의 생화학 무기 연구 자료를 넘겨받고 미국에서 연구한다.
그리고 한국전이 일어나자 실전에서 최초로 한탄강 전투에서 사용하지.
이게 세계에서 우리나라에만 있다는 유행성 출혈열 또는 한탄강 바이러스로 불리는데 한국전쟁 전에는 우리나라에도 없던 병이다.
그런데 부작용으로 한국전쟁이 끝나고도 이 곳에 사는 쥐와 같은 동물들 사이에서 세균이 꾸준히 번식하고 있었어.
전쟁이 끝나고도 이 지역 주민들한테 생화학 무기 후유증이 발생하고 매년 한탄강 바이러스가 유행하자 미군은 치료 백신 기술을 한국인 생물학자한테 주고 백신을 만들게 하지.
이 한국인 생물학자 이름이 우장춘 박사 비슷한 사람인데 잘 모르겠는데 하여튼 유명하다.
하여튼 미군정청은 이 사람이 한탄강 바이러스를 처음 발견하고 치료제를 개발한 것으로 포장했다.
그래서 이 바이러스에 최초로 한국이름을 붙여 전세계에 알리고 논문도 쓰고 백신도 개발한 노벨상 감의 한국인으로 포장되지만 실제로는 731 마루타 부대가 원조지.
한탄강 바이러스는 처음이자 마지막 한국형 바이러스였고 이 사람 이후에는 한국인 생물학자 중에 바이러스를 최초 발견해서 한국식 이름을 붙이고 백신을 개발한 사례가 전무하다.
한마디로 한국인이 별로 그렇게 두뇌가 좋지 않다는 반증이기도 하다.

썰을 풀다 보니 삼천포로 빠졌다.
뭐 끝만 좋으면 되니까 탄저균 누출이 꼭 나쁜 것만은 아니야.
항체 안 생겨서 운지하신 노약자들은 걸러내고 덕분에 신체 건강한 우리 국민들은 탄저균 백신 공짜로 맞고 항체가 생기고 생화학 전쟁 대비용 민방위 훈련을 한 거나 마찬가지로 생각해.
미군 전략 연구소는 앞으로 한 10년 동안 북한에 세균전을 뿌려도 대한민국 사람은 끄떡없을 거로 추정하지.
그렇게 보면 미국 측이 일부러 세균전을 대비해서 동맹국 국민들의 건강 계몽을 위해서 사전에 설계한 해프닝이 아닐까 하기도 해.
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Assassination threats against Barack Obama in South Korea

I received a bizarre email a few days ago.
It said that there was a threat of President Barack Obama in South Korea.
The strange thing is that if the Korean intelligence agency did not inspect the 4chan users, it would be impossible to reasonably explain the criminal investigation process except civilian inspections.
I would like to ask your analysis because it is hard for me to understand.

Do you know about Obama threats in South Korea?

You never know what has happened in South Korea. A South Korean youth was arrested on suspicion of intimidating President Obama and threatening to kill Ambassador Lippert in 2015. He is currently in poor health and has been severely devastated by mental shock and has failed to do anything. So please understand that I write on behalf of him. Police and prosecutors have ignored his innocence claims since the beginning of the investigation and condemned him as a sexual pervert. For the politically inspired news leaks, police and prosecutors made him open to public criticism. South Korean journalists reproached him by revealing a distinctive hysteria of hatred and repulsion to disregard human rights of this man. During the trial toward guilty, attorneys and judges make up for the police and prosecutor's groundless and inconsistent investigation reports with modifications and complements.
After about a year and two months of trial, the South Korean court sentenced him to 18 months in jail for allegedly attempting to threaten the US president because of fermenting the diplomatic troubles. He continued to make innocent claims, so he suffered hunger in solitary confinement during his imprisonment, harassed by jailers, and received unusual medicinal treatments in a psychiatric hospital. The corrupt doctors in a back-scratching alliance with jail injected unknown drugs to try to produce confession from him. South Koreans who numbed humanity forced him to commit suicide in order to close the case. For the first time in his life, he was greatly disappointed by the human nature. The prosecutor appealed against the decision because the sentence is too light. The prosecutor demands 4 years and 6 months' imprisonment. About two and a half years later, the second trial is ongoing.
The court has failed to make a ruling on the appeal, and has still extended his ban on leaving the country. His mother's devoted efforts proved that the fabricated evidence at the first trial is found to have been concocted, it is urgent to the judicial officers to start afresh to revise and to supplement to maintain to convict of the charge. Edward Joseph Snowden is lucky enough to be able to leave the country, but he is a third class citizen who does not have the opportunity. If Edward Joseph Snowden was in South Korea, not in Hong Kong, he would have been tortured with waterboarding until he made a false confession at Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau without departing to Russia. The South Korean government will soon be choose the method of sentencing guilty, soothe the US government's anger, and conceal the torture and medication. I hope you may help him to receive a fair trial.
If you keep the interest on this case, reveal the truth and remember him, he can get a fair trial in South Korea. I think there is no other way to help him better than this. If this is happening to our world as our indifference continues to build up, you maybe end up with facing the similar thing because the next will be you. Attach the news article that reported the case and the detailed document according to one likes. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to your inquiries because of South Korea's Internet censorship, intelligence tracking and monitoring by Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (an intelligence service). Sounds crazy, but I have caught evidence of a huge conspiracy of the South Korean government under the pretext of investigating the Obama threat for other purposes from the beginning.
In addition, I analyzed that the South Korean government is in perplexity by the request for strong punishment that the US government was seriously upset since it did not initially expect that it would react seriously. I am worried about whether to reveal more sensitive documents or to take them to the grave, if so I promise to change the sender and send it to you once more.

Thank you for reading.

News article:

Yonhap News Agency

Man indicted on charges of threatening to kill top U.S. envoy to Seoul
2015-08-12 13:56

SEOUL, Aug. 12 (Yonhap) – A man suspected of posting letters on the White House website threatening to kill the top U.S. envoy to Seoul and rape the second daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama has been indicted on charges of intimidation, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The 32-year-old man, identified only by his surname Lee, is suspected of posting a letter titled "Declaration Terror to Mr. President Obama" on July 8 on "Contact the White House," a page for civil petitions.

In the letter, Lee said that he would kill U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert, adding that "my assassinator's mind is too weak to cut the ambassador's artery perfectly," referring to an attack on the envoy earlier this year.

Lippert was attacked with a knife at a breakfast function in Seoul on March 5, which left him with deep gashes on his face and arm that needed more than 80 stitches.

Kim Ki-jong, the suspected attacker, is standing trial on charges of violence against a foreign envoy, attempted murder, business obstruction and sympathizing with North Korea in violation of the National Security Law.

Lee threatened to "amputate all your (Obama's) political comrades slowly but surely one by one, until the U.S. army eliminates bio-chemical weapons in Korean Peninsular Mother Land."

He was also found to have posted another letter on the previous day, July 7, threatening to rape Sasha Obama, the second daughter of President Obama.

After receiving a request for an investigation from the White House, police arrested the man at his home in Seoul on July 14.

On Lee's confiscated laptop, records of access to the homepage were found, as well as a draft of the letter and a screen capture taken as he allegedly wrote the letter on the website, police said.

Lee denies that he wrote the letter.

Police concluded that Lee lived in seclusion and spent most of his time surfing the Internet, as he failed to find a job after graduating from university.



S. Korean gets jail term for threatening to kill U.S. envoy to Seoul
2016-11-11 11:24

SEOUL. Nov. 11 (Yonhap) – A South Korean man was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday for posting letters on the White House website, threatening to kill the top U.S. envoy to Seoul and rape the second daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Seoul Central District Court found the 34-year-old defendant, identified only by his surname Lee, guilty of attempted intimidation for posting a letter titled "Declaration Terror to Mr. President Obama" on the White House webpage for civil petitions in July last year.

In the letter, Lee said, "My assassinator's mind is too weak to cut the ambassador's artery perfectly," referring to an attack on the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert, which took place earlier in March 2015.

He was attacked with a knife at a breakfast function in Seoul by another South Korean man, leaving him with deep gashes on his face and arm that needed more than 80 stitches.

Lee was also found to have posted another letter, threatening to rape Sasha Obama, the second daughter of President Obama.

The U.S. Embassy took his letters as a serious threat against the United States government and demanded a thorough investigation and punishment to the local law enforcement authorities, the court said.

Still, the court found the defendant guilty of attempted intimidation, instead of intimidation charges, saying there is not enough proof to acknowledge that the letters were actually delivered to the victims.

Prosecutors had originally charged Lee with intimidation.



Reference video at the time of illegal emergency arrest (not real situation):



Detailed document:

————————————————– ————————————————–

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XMPP Secure Messaging Servic

The XMPP Secure Messaging Service is now live and open to any and all registrants! XMPP is a secure messaging service that can be used with a variety of software that can be completely encrypted end-to-end on nearly any operating system and hardware configuration. Feel free to register and use the TBPIndustries Communication Service.


Until I determine a better place to put announcements, I'll just post shit here since nobody bothers to check board news announcements on https://tbpchan.net/news1.html
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Russia Says NO To Cashless Society! Kremlin Hints New Coming Gold Standard!

Russia Says NO To Cashless Society! Kremlin Hints New Coming Gold Standard!



Vladimir Putin is pushing for a gold-backed currency, ditching fractional reserve banking, and delivering a defiant rebuke to the Western world’s move towards a digital-only cashless society, according to a report circulating in the Kremlin on Friday. President Putin swears he will NEVER stop the circulation of cold hard cash because he considers digital-only cashless currency to be a New World Order tactic to gain control over the public.

President Putin has stated his desire to destroy the Illuminati in 2016, and according to Kremlin insiders he believes disrupting the global banking cartel’s plan to ban cash is a key campaign in his war against the New World Order.

The Rothschild controlled global banking lobby want a digital cashless system because this will give them even more control over us. They want to monitor and control every single transaction, while destroying real world currencies so they can issue money that doesn’t exist, creating impossible financial burdens for the masses, all the while accumulating extraordinary real wealth and power for themselves.

A larger global currency shift is underway…

Things are definitely in motion. Call it a game of musical chairs, or an exercise in rearranging chairs on the Titanic, or just that a tilting balance of power. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all routine. China has been quietly stockpiling gold for years now. In fact, it is stockpiling so much gold that many have speculated that it may be building a gold-backed yuan currency that would make the Dollar pale in comparison on the global market.

Royal Bank of Scotland is warning their investors to sell virtually all their investments. More than that, Putin has been positioning his motherland to team up with China to solidify the emerging BRICS system which aims to thwart decades of Anglo financial dominance with a un-dollar currency system that will also include a development bank.