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Go forth and be Tactical

Javascript — by goldbolt at 21/12/18 (Fri) 04:02:28

Javascript is fixed once again. Resume normal activities.

Javascript — by goldbolt at 20/12/18 (Thu) 21:06:33

Javascript is broken yet again. Standby for updates.

Javascript — by goldbolt at 13/11/18 (Tue) 14:07:50

All javascript is working now. Proceed as normal.

Javascript — by goldbolt at 08/11/18 (Thu) 20:50:16

Looks like javascript is broken for some reason.
I can't figure out as to why.
Stay tuned for updates.

Minecraft/Tekkit Server — by goldbolt at 27/06/18 (Wed) 22:16:56

We have a Minecraft and Tekkit Server.

Minecraft server is on tbpchan.net

Tekkit server is on tbpchan.cz

New XMPP Server Setup — by goldbolt at 27/06/18 (Wed) 22:04:55

We have a new XMPP Server setup. Go register here:


The server also supports a web client here:


If you see a SSL certificate error, just accept it and move on. I'll add that so the SSL next time it's up for renewal.

All of your messages are encrypted to and from the server along with all the messages stored on the server. TBPChan is not under gag orders and it privately owned. I do not sell your information to anybody nor can I because of the above. Happy messaging.

Current Post Size — by goldbolt at 31/05/18 (Thu) 15:29:30

Current max size per post is 25mb with 20 files per post.

Port 80 & You — by goldbolt at 29/04/18 (Sun) 14:36:42

So it looks like Cox Cable (my ISP) currently blocks inbound port 80 but does not block for 443.

This basically means that going to http://tbpchan.net will not work nor will it 301 redirect to https://tbpchan.net.

So I have pointed the tbpchan.net to another web host which, in turn, redirects that URL to https://tbpchan.cz.

This is only a temporary solution - both thpchan.net & tbpchan.cz are the official website tbpchan so use either. Just be aware tbpchan.net redirects to https://tbpchan.cz for now.

Server Maintenance — by goldbolt at 22/04/18 (Sun) 16:56:12

I am currently working on server maintenance as the non-secure version of the website (e.g. http://tbpchan.net/) is currently not redirecting properly to the secure version of the website nor is it resolving at all.

You may see the site go down randomly but I'll try to keep that to a minimum.

Standby for updates and just use https://tbpchan.net/ for now.

New Server — by goldbolt at 20/04/18 (Fri) 16:23:15

We have moved over to a FreeBSD server with the latest version of Vichan!

It's rocking two Intel Xeon X5550 CPUs with 32gb of ram with some mirrored drives for redundancy.

XMPP Server Switch — by goldbolt at 21/01/18 (Sun) 00:25:06

I've switched over the XMPP server protocol to OpenFire since it's much easier to use and manage. Go register an account here:


NGINX — by goldbolt at 17/01/18 (Wed) 01:01:57

After much fighting with the server…

We are now on NGINX!

It was a huge pain in the arse but I finally got this shite to work so be grateful you fags.
If you experience any problems, email errors@tbpchan.net.

OpenNIC — by goldbolt at 27/09/17 (Wed) 20:09:58

We have more domain names!


Since we have a .onion domain, we might as well have an OpenNIC domain as well. This is to make sure we aren't ever taken down by the thought police over at ICANN (or wherever) so shitpost away.

Hidden Service — by goldbolt at 29/08/17 (Tue) 20:47:27

We now have a .onion domain!

This is for a multitude of reasons but I'm sure you can figure out as to why, especially lately.

The address is


so go ahead and shitpost freely from the privacy of 7 proxies; only thing is that if CP is posted, or links to sites that have CP, that content will be deleted and the tor service will be under a very careful watch and may be disabled completely if it gets too bad so don't fuck it up for others that use it that have a genuine privacy concern when it comes to free speech.

I have yet to find out how to change the ID of tor posters but it'll happen eventually - that ID will soon be changed to "00000" so keep a lookout.

Banners! — by goldbolt at 05/08/17 (Sat) 14:53:09

We now have banner support!

When the time comes, I'll be setting up banner threads for people to supply us with more banners for each board.

Supported files are .png, .jpg/.jpeg, and .gif.

Current Max Filesize — by goldbolt at 04/11/16 (Fri) 15:09:13

Current Max Filesize is 12mb with 20 files per post. Just to let you know.

Donation Station — by goldbolt at 30/09/16 (Fri) 22:44:29

You can now donate to keep this website alive!
The "DONATE" button is at the bottom of board pages since I don't know where else to put the stupid thing and it isn't annoyingly obvious.

Freeloading bastards.

VoIP Services — by goldbolt at 28/09/16 (Wed) 22:06:19

VoIP Services are now available! TBP Industries has set up both a TeamSpeak server along with a Mumble sever! The TeamSpeak server is locked out at the moment but the Mumble server is open to all! Just connect to tbpchan.net and chat away!

Please note, however, that, since we are still running everything off of a Raspberry Pi 2, some problems could arise the more users we get to utilize the services available; once enough people start to use both the website and other services offered, we will switch to a far powerful server. The only reason TBP Industries uses a Pi to host everything is simply due to the small userbase and minimal power consumption.

XMPP Secure Messaging Service — by goldbolt at 26/07/16 (Tue) 16:13:45

The XMPP Secure Messaging Service is now live and open to any and all registrants! XMPP is a secure messaging service that can be used with a variety of software that can be completely encrypted end-to-end on nearly any operating system and hardware configuration. Feel free to register and use the TBPIndustries Communication Service.


ffmpeg support get! — by goldbolt ## Admin at 17/04/16 (Sun) 15:31:40

TBPchan now officially supports mp4 files along with both webm/mp4 thumbnailing using ffmpeg binaries!

I've been working on this for damned months and I finally was able to find the culprit, which was $config['webm']['allow_audio'] = true; in instance-config.php, even though it isn't documented anywhere to be needed alongside $config['webm']['use_ffmpeg'] = true;.

Post away fellow tacticians!

Server Switch — by goldbolt ## Admin at 15/03/16 (Tue) 13:54:42

Until I see fit, I'll just be running the website off of a Raspberry Pi 2 as it uses very little electricity since it's on all the time. When we get more users, I'll switch to either the laptop or to the full-on Xeon server.

Still working on MP4 support as well. FFmpeg isn't playing well, looking for alternatives or a workaround.

TBPnet Forums! A new beginning... — by goldbolt at 29/02/16 (Mon) 00:03:18

Welcome to TBPchan!
We here at TBPchan value free, and oftentimes offensive, speech. Feel free to post basically whatever you want as long as it is not any forms of CP and does not violate the DMCA of the US.

This board is constantly evolving and under my direct care; the server is very basic and I don't know what type of load that it can handle - everything here is basically untested.

I will be adding in MP4 support in the coming weeks, it's a pain in the ass.

If there are any requests for new boards then just make them in /r/ - there's a pinned thread for it. I'll pretty much add nearly any board that is requested but it's entirely up to TBPnet staff.