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File: 1536373360091.gif (928.55 KB, 500x400, Increasing violence of the….gif)

7d349 No.107[Reply]

Increasing violence of the American citizens

Choose the one that best describes what you see in the picture.

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7d349 No.108

File: 1536373379846.jpg (343.35 KB, 696x1742, Choose the one that best d….jpg)

Here's the answer sheet….

7d349 No.109

File: 1536373393892.gif (29.52 KB, 160x160, YoonmanCho-ymcho@naver.com….gif)

Anti-communism Brainwashed Korean Child
#조윤만 #YoonmanCho #趙尹饅 #ymcho@naver.com #조윤두 #YoondooCho #趙尹痘 #ydcho@naver.com #조욱형 #UkhyungCho #趙郁馨 #uhchovivid@cj.net #홍상희 #SangheeHong #洪相熙 #san@ytn.co.kr #조준형 #JoonhyungCho #趙俊亨 #jhcho@yna.co.kr #조윤 #YoonCho #趙尹 #ycho@naver.com #조만두 #MandooCho #趙饅痘 #mdcho@naver.com #조만이 #ManyiCho #趙饅罹 #mycho@naver.com #조두이 #DooyiCho #趙痘罹 #dycho@naver.com
#조윤만, #YoonmanCho, #趙尹饅, #ymcho@naver.com, #조윤두, #YoondooCho, #趙尹痘, #ydcho@naver.com, #조욱형, #UkhyungCho, #趙郁馨, #uhchovivid@cj.net, #홍상희, #SangheeHong, #洪相熙, #san@ytn.co.kr, #조준형, #JoonhyungCho, #趙俊亨, #jhcho@yna.co.kr, #조윤, #YoonCho, #趙尹, #ycho@naver.com, #조만두, #MandooCho, #趙饅痘, #mdcho@naver.com, #조만이, #ManyiCho, #趙饅罹, #mycho@naver.com, #조두이, #DooyiCho, #趙痘罹, #dycho@naver.com

7d349 No.110

File: 1536373407774.gif (61.6 KB, 200x292, 조윤만-YoonmanCho-趙尹饅-ymcho@n….gif)

Anti-communism Brainwashed Child in south Korea
#YoonmanCho #ymcho@naver.com #YoondooCho #ydcho@naver.com #UkhyungCho #uhchovivid@cj.net #SangheeHong #san@ytn.co.kr #JoonhyungCho #jhcho@yna.co.kr #YoonCho #ycho@naver.com #MandooCho #mdcho@naver.com #ManyiCho #mycho@naver.com #DooyiCho #dycho@naver.com
#YoonmanCho, #ymcho@naver.com, #YoondooCho, #ydcho@naver.com, #UkhyungCho, #uhchovivid@cj.net, #SangheeHong, #san@ytn.co.kr, #JoonhyungCho, #jhcho@yna.co.kr, #YoonCho, #ycho@naver.com, #MandooCho, #mdcho@naver.com, #ManyiCho, #mycho@naver.com, #DooyiCho, #dycho@naver.com

File: 1536135753477.jpg (955.53 KB, 1414x2845, 4chan is #1 archenemy in S….jpg)

c2e6e No.99[Reply]

4chan is #1 archenemy in South Korea


Arrest of a man suspected of threatening to assassinate the US ambassador to Seoul
SEOUL, July 24 (Yonhap) - A 30-year-old man posted a message on the White House website on July 8, threatening to assassinate the US ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, and he was arrested by the Seoul Police Agency (SMPA), it was reported this Friday.

This message of 10 lines, considered illogical and incoherent by the police, was also posted on the American Internet portal 4chan by this man.
Mark Lippert, the ambassador of the United States in South Korea
Mark Lippert, the ambassador of the United States in South Korea
The investigation began at the request of the Embassy of the United States in Korea on July 10 and the unit in charge of Internet-related investigations had led the IP address detection operation. Seoul police arrested the man on July 14 at his home.

The SMPA said today that the case would be forwarded to the prosecution for indictment following its threat against the diplomatic corps. Police raided the laptop and found traces of connection to the White House website and capture of the posted message.

However, the suspect refused to acknowledge his actions during the police interrogation. If his guilt is confirmed by the court, he will receive a prison sentence. According to the law, the penalty for threatening the diplomatic corps can be up to five years in prison. It was added that the US Embassy wishes to initiate criminal proceedings against him.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

42c90 No.101

Interesting news there friendo

File: 1536144304318.jpg (974.71 KB, 1360x4091, End of the Korean style Wh….jpg)

36c4f No.100[Reply]

End of the Korean style White House petition meme-site

Just delete them all… Just meme like 4chan.

File: 1529658536410.jpg (1.45 MB, 2832x1815, Korean Style Internet Trol….jpg)

b91a9 No.94[Reply]

During the trial of the rape threats against U.S. President Obama's 2nd daughter by a South Korean man, the Korean government attempted to close the case by the death of the suspect in order to avoid diplomatic friction with the United States of America.
So, the Korean government mobilized South Korean Internet trolls, who were suspected to be employed at the South Korean Cyber Command, to very badly harass the suspect mentally, forcing him to commit suicide by a nonsensical means.
See the level of comments from South Koreans:


89fc6 No.95

at least you aren't shitposting porn this time

File: 1525000077020.gif (661.91 KB, 214x200, Ivanka Trump Nude Bromide.gif)

52886 No.70[Reply]

Because his wife is a transgender, Kim Jong-un, who was staring at the nude bromide of Ivanka Trump and doing his masturbation, gets caught up by his wife, Ri Sol-ju, and being beaten by his wife.

90a6c No.71

At least shitpost over in /b/ ffs

084d2 No.93

Heh, i love you overlord. You truly give out freedom of speach but it is spam but i feel you dont invade their right of freedom of screech cause i can still read it. 0 censorship unless it actually breaks the law, awesome.

a8eec No.91[Reply]

"When Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun, a son of former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, attacked IS terror group, IS warriors urgently arrested Chung Woo-jun. The IS terrorist put his gun on Chung Woo-jun's forehead and forced him to castrate himself. Chung Woo-jun chose the foolish side to save his life at that moment, and then he cut his testicles. However, IS terrorists did not keep their promises and threatened Chung Hong-won's clan, and the IS soldiers beheaded Chung Woo-jun's head with Chung Woo-jun's castrated genitals inserted into Chung Woo-jun's mouth.
鄭洪元(チョン・ホンウォン)前首相の息子であった鄭ウジュン(Chung Woo-jun)検察官がISテロを攻撃した時、IS戦士たちは緊急に鄭ウジュンを逮捕した。 ISテロリストは、鄭ウジュンの額に銃をかけ、去勢させた。 チョン・ウジュンはその瞬間に人生を救うために愚かな側を選び、睾丸を切った。 しかし、ISテロリストは約束を守らずに鄭洪源(チョン・ホンウォン)氏の一族を脅し、IS兵士は鄭ウジュン首相の去勢された性器を鄭ウジュンの口に挿入して頭を斬る。
정우준 검사가 IS 테러 집단에 대해 공격하자 IS 전사들이 정우준 검사를 긴급 체포했다. IS 전사는 정우준의 머리에 총을 겨누고 스스로 거세를 하라고 강요했다. 정우준 검사는 당장 목숨을 건지기 위해 어리석게도 고자가 되는 쪽을 선택했다. 하지만 IS 테러범들은 결국 약속을 지키지 않았고 정씨 일가를 협박하며 정우준 검사의 입에 그의 잘린 생식기를 삽입한 상태로 정씨의 머리를 참혹하게 참수했다.
Когда прокурор Чунг Ву-жун, сын бывшего премьер-министра Чжун Хун-вона, напал на террористическую группу IS, воины-охранники срочно арестовали Чун Ву-юн. Террорист ИБ положил оружие на лоб Чунг Ву-жуна и заставил его кастрировать себя. Чунг Ву-юн выбрал глупую сторону, чтобы спасти свою жизнь в тот момент, а затем он сократил свои яички. Тем не менее, террористы ИС не выполняли свои обещания и угрожали клану Чун Хун-воина, и солдаты ИС обезглавили голову Чун Ву-жун с кастрированными гениталиями Чунг Ву-жуна, вставленными в рот Чун Ву-жун.

33c1e No.92

Spoiler your shit
겁탈 자 귀하의 게시물

c5082 No.90[Reply]

"Father-in-law, former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, took his daughter-in-law, Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun's wife, to a restaurant and he feed Live Octopus-Sashimi and he took her to the motel. However, the wife of Chung Woo-jun showed abnormal appetite incensement, and she removed her father-in-law's testicles, and then she committed suicide. When the police dissected her body, a fetus came out. After the announcement of autopsy results from the Korea National Forensic Service, the wife of Jung Woo-jun was estimated that she had taken the father's testicles because of the symptom of abnormal appetite due to pregnancy addiction after conceiving Chung Woo-jun's daughter.
鄭元元(チョン・ホンウォン)元首相は鄭禹淳(チョン・ウジュン)夫人の妻の嫁をレストランに連れて、ライブタコス・刺身を食べ、彼女をモーテルに連れて行った。 しかし、鄭ウジュンの妻は食欲不振を訴え、義理の睾丸を取り除き、自殺した。 警察が身体を解剖したとき、胎児が出てきた。 チョン・ウジュンの娘を妊娠して妊娠中毒に陥ったことで、父親の睾丸を奪ったと推測された。
시아버지인 정홍원 총리는 며느리인 정우준 검사의 아내를 데리고 산낙지를 먹고 모텔에 데리고 갔다. 그런데 정우준 검사의 아내가 비정상적인 이상 식욕증진을 보이더니 시아버지의 고환을 적출해 먹고 자살했다. 경찰이 이 여자의 시체를 해부하자 태아가 나왔다. 국과수 부검결과 정우준 검사의 아내가 정우준의 아이를 임신하고 나서 임신중독으로 인한 이상 식욕 증상으로 시아버지의 고환을 섭취한 것으로 추정했다.
Тесть, бывший премьер-министр Чун Хонг-выиграл, взял свою невестку, жену прокурора Чун Ву-жун, в ресторан, и он кормил «Живой осьминог-Сашими», и он отвез ее в мотель. Однако жена Чун Ву-жун показала аномальное аппетит, и она удалила тестику своего тестя, а затем она покончила жизнь самоубийством. Когда полиция расчленила ее тело, появился плод. После объявления результатов вскрытия от Национальной судебной службы Кореи жена Юнга Ву-жун была оценена, что она взяла яички отца из-за симптома аномального аппетита из-за зависимости от беременности после зачатия дочери Чун Ву-жун.

f2627 No.77[Reply]

"President Donald Trump traveled to South Korea’s Jeolla province for boating, but Kim Jong-un North Korean leader, who waited for Trump in a submarine on the high seas, entered into Trump’s ship with Chung Woo-jun, the prosecutor and the son of the former prime minister, Chung Hong-won.
Jung pulled Trump's testicles and kicked Trump's testicles, and he said, ""Because I am a lumbar disc patient, you must exempt my military service!"" and he starts to riot, because of his riot, Sewol ferry, the ship that was riding in, was sinking.
The Korean government failed to salvage President Trump's Sewol ferry, when the food starts to fall in the boat, Korean politicians such as, Chung Hong-won former prime minister, Yoo Byung-eun the leader of the salvation pious religious group, Chung Yoon-hoi who is Park Geun-hye’s sex partner, Choi Tae-min the young school cult founder, Yoo Dae Gyun Sewol ferry proprietor and chairman, and other passengers have revealed their nature.
The former prime minister, Chung Hong-won, thought that ""Trump is not an Asian, so we Asians can eat him."" and after Chung Hong-won cutting Trump's head with an ax, the Koreans gathered and ripped Trump into pieces and devour it.

ae082 No.76[Reply]

"Hillary Clinton US Senator defeated US President Donald Trump in the US presidential election, and then she avoided the revenge of Trump and escaped the United States and went north to North Korea.
Hillary, who had been interrogated by Kim Jong-un's transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, in North Korea, suffered from mental illness due to hunger and malnutrition.
Hillary promised Ri Sol-ju, ""If you send me to USA, you will castrate Trump.""
But Hillary, who went to the United States, was arrested and tortured by Melania Trump US First Lady.
Hillary threatened Melania that, ""I will cut off all of the testicles of your son, Baron Trump.""
Hillary was deported from the United States and returned to North Korea, where Kim Jong-un North Korea's top dignity hit her neck with a rusty sickle.

19d71 No.75[Reply]

"Kim Jong-un, the top ruler of North Korea, has infiltrated the house of former US President Barack Obama and arrested his second daughter, Natasha Obama, for the theft.
Natasha, who had to be adopt because her mother Michelle Obama the former first lady who was a transgender, stole the wallet of Kim Jong-un just like other black girls who always steal something in the Korean market, a stupid Asian who has too small eyes for prevention, so she was arrested by Kim Jong-un and tied her two arms to the ceiling and whipped it like a white master.
Kim Jong-un asked Natasha, ""What did you steal from the White House?"" but Natasha had the right to remain silent.
Kim Jong-un's transgender wife Ri Sol-ju, cut off Natasha’s head but unlike the Japanese sword, the Chinese knife just like other cheap Chinese goods imported into the US and occupying the market did not work, so turned her head around and then put it out to cut and put on the belly of the dead body.
But Natasha was as persistent as a child, still suspicious of Natasha; Kim Jong-un suspected that Natasha had hidden his purse inside her breast implants like a suit jacket pocket.
So Kim Jong-un dissected Natasha for immediate autopsy and stuck his hand into the skin and stumbled across everywhere.

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