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91524 No.233[Reply]

how does this work?
I get a new server next week, can I help this site?

abe31 No.234

What do you mean?
Just use the website, I'll handle the rest.

File: 1569595994492.png (1.02 MB, 1200x630, Trump-3-1.png)

dcb8f No.232[Reply]

Sheriffs At White House: “We’ve Got Your Back, Mr. President! - https://trumperss.com/sheriffs-at-white-house-weve-got-your-back-mr-president/

File: 1566555217110.jpg (63.75 KB, 454x537, 1526616595542.jpg)

344a2 No.204[Reply]

Where did everyone go since infinity was closed? Gab? Here? (doubt not that much traffic) or did everyone just perish?
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e149d No.215

That's a hell of a thing. You can post links, I don't give a shit. Haven't seen many come here though, I never advertise the site but bring more people. Shit is self hosted and getting dox'd or advertisers called out won't bring the site down. Pretty well bunkered here.

8f715 No.220

I think most of ppl who came here by any means ( I got here thanks to Google) would love to invite ppl. But the thing with chans is that everyone should be anonymous, and we don't know where the others anons went. Still, I like this site, it's very cozy. Not much traffic {too bad the retard came in an started spamming some shit on boards} but I hope that this place will grow.

933c7 No.226

Honestly I think most just went back to 4chan. Separating the wheat from the chaff at least. I think these smaller boards will grow over time. I just found this place and saw recent posts so I'll stick around here.

The webring is pretty neat, I think it's the way going forward actually. Bunch of smaller boards all interconnected so if one goes down nothing is affected as much and another can pop right up and fill in the loop. And judging by the climate we will be going more nomadic as others play whack a mole.

15518 No.229

Druid/pol/ built a bunker at Nanochan.

38dfb No.231

Is there a /sig/ at nano? I always wanted to read /druid/ and what it's all about. What's the address to nano? I will stick around here, cause admin of site seems pretty chill. Hope website will have traffic so it won't be closed

afabb No.230[Reply]

File: 1569193047411.png (1.02 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (145).png)

9a74a No.227[Reply]

"RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) – A Raleigh woman said she was sexually assaulted by a man who was working at a popular restaurant in the Five Points area.

Anastasia Brown said she was walking home from the store last night when she struck up a conversation with a man who was taking a smoke break outside the back door of The Point restaurant.

"I'm very gregarious and also very kind. And that leads me to talk to people even if I've just met them," the 21-year old Brown told ABC11.

She said she had no idea that the man, Samuel Aghimien, had been arrested seven times in the past five years in Wake County.

Neither did the owner of The Point who says he hired Aghimien to wash dishes a couple of weeks ago.

Brown says Aghimien did tell her he had been in trouble with the law.

"He told me he was on probation for cocaine," she said.

But court records show Aghimien is actually on probation for assaulting a woman back in July.
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File: 1566313366536.png (1.61 MB, 1186x1500, Asgard_homeland.png)

aec05 No.196[Reply]

The idea is basically fuck this shit I'm going to Greenland. Finally we have some actual fucking plans for an ethnostate, not just "I want gibs me". You think you can just go out and create a white nationalist revolution in ALL white countries, let alone your own? We're hated everywhere. Even the people who just want strong borders with strong and minimal immigration laws. What then? Kick millions of people out? How long will it take, just to get the idea talked about seriously? How long to actually get an ethno state in the US? Just one state? How many decades? Make Trump buy it against the will of the "natives" and drag all the problems of the US with you? How about starting small, starting fresh? A safe haven for white people all around the world. All this talk about Greenland and it's giant potential oil, diamond and precious metal reservoirs. The plan is to take it ourselves.

In a nutshell:

Send out a few dedicated whites to get citizenship and start a town in Greenland Get 500men & 500wifes/gf move to create a whole town anotherone.jpg Movement is on After a while we are majority in the country Vote ourselves into power Leave the~57k"natives" alone. Full autonomy from Denmark We are 150-200k heavily armed white ethnonational autists who just want sovereignty. What is Denmark gonna do? Invade? lol. Especially when most their citizens can still go there because they're white. Greenland whites will join bc a slice of bread not 25$ anymore. Ice niggers are so few we don't care or buy their land in exchange for land in Canacuck where they came from to begin with.(Danes where there before them so can't pull native land card) RealEthnostate.png hink about it. Millions of white nationalist, millions of white refugees (SA, Swedistan, UK etc) world wide, and only 57k to get a NATIONAL majority. Sovereignty would be the easy part. Just behave, plan well, don't be a fucking sperg and you will have your ethno state. Read the previous threads, preferably some of the discussion and let's see if there's anything to this idea. discord:7tBtsT3

fc53e No.197


fb587 No.207

you go there and colonize it and I will see if its worthy moving there. Until then, I'm not doing shit.

e55f1 No.225

You can tell this idea is Jewish from the stupidity alone

File: 1565066401269.jpg (55.97 KB, 500x485, image.jpg)

cd8f8 No.168[Reply]

any 8chan refugees crossing the information superhighway?
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b4074 No.219

have fun shitposting
bring more people

3d8a4 No.221

I'll try

6a49a No.222

8chan refugee here too. I'm still searching for the place where everyone went to.

3d8a4 No.223

something something tor onion etc, but I personally can't be bothered
There's chans like these that are fine but no one knows of, I'll probably start advertising it tomorrow

6437d No.224

File: 1568703708362.jpeg (86.83 KB, 406x1024, d5a3e95c29ec6e52940f07b10….jpeg)

sup mein neggers

File: 1567260590176.jpg (7.48 KB, 162x200, how times are changing.jpg)

93892 No.216[Reply]

38bb2 No.217

But can someone get ill after being vaccinated already from contact with an unvaccinated ill person?

File: 1479169773482.webm (410.06 KB, 1200x800, 1666a35a58b49a44fadc3e449….webm)

afdfb No.15[Reply]

45th President of the United States
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03bf7 No.98


ddda6 No.160

File: 1553738485138.gif (571.68 KB, 320x320, smssecure-2019-03-25-14441….gif)

e474a No.191

well this thread aged poorly

49842 No.211

old thread is old

a1196 No.212

No shit

File: 1554810476408.jpeg (405.56 KB, 750x1354, D_ruking prosecutor Cheon….jpeg)

7bfd6 No.164[Reply]

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Kim Jong-un: This is my Marijuana farm
I hope you like it ;-)

Donald Trump: I have a Smoke Dotard Negro in States

Barack Obama: Did you ring a bell, Master Donald?

5df7e No.198

File: 1566401865485.jpg (29.38 KB, 120x160, Bill_Phelps_cc - Copy.jpg)

f09a8 No.209

is he pro white?

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